Partnership Projects

Launching Social Ministry Team

24.09.2016 / Community Service Projects

We understood that we could be more effective if we would have a devoted, constant and functional team of Social, helping ministry managing team and long-term strategy to help those, who have practical, social needs.

Camps for teenage girls SOFT

27.06.2016 / Youth Ministry / Evangelism

So far there haven’t been the camps just for girls in Latvia. Therefore we had the idea to organize the first camp for teenage girls from 14-20, hoping that also young woman will get actively involved in ministry.

The Midsummer Youth Festival

08.03.2016 / Youth Ministry / Evangelism

We want to create an event where Christian youth can gather and experience unity and a place where they can be encouraged. We also want to create an environment where it would we easy and "cool" to invite one's non-believing friends.