Baltic Pastoral Institute

Baltic Pastoral Institute is an initiative of Latvian Baptist Church Union that alongside other LBCU ministry departments implements the future vision of LBCU by promoting Christocentric, multiplying and missional development of churches and Christians. Special attention is given to five areas: children, youth, ministers and leaders as well as church renewal and church planting.

The goal of Baltic Pastoral Institute is to minister to churches in Latvia. BPI team, as we develop different initiatives, tries to think from the perspective of the local church and ask ourselves the question: if we led the church, what kind of training, support and resources would be the most crucial?   

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We are working in these directions:

  • Pastoral Ministry Program trains, strengthens and equips with resources carefully chosen Christian leaders for preaching the Gospel, founding and leading churches that would influence society in Latvia and outside its borders.  
  • Musical Leadership school equips musical leaders and ministry participants for the church of today and tomorrow.
  • Timothy school teaches and challenges existing and future ministers of children’s ministry for more focused and effective ministry to children and their families by giving knowledge, skills and renewed heart’s attitude towards God, children and church.
  • BPI DRAFT helps young men ages 14-20  to comprehend the Gospel, to improve their character, to experience and appreciate working on a team and to understand their calling.
  • Ministry Strategic Development Center (SAC) strengthens churches and helps them to fulfill Christ’s mission in a more focused way as well as helps organizations to better use their potential in order to reach determined goals.
  • Church planter training M4 equips, trains, mentors and supplies necessary resources for church planters and their teams.
  • BPI LIBRARY offers high quality, varied literature in Latvian that is based on Christian values that helps reader grow both personally and in their ministry.  


Kaspars Šterns Bishop, BPI director, EBF Mission and Evangelism +371 26554780Lāčplēša iela 37, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvija