Women’s Ministry Association

Women’s ministry association (SKS) is LBCU department that unites volunteer women from LBCU churches in different women’s ministry units (sisters’ circles, young women, young mothers’ groups etc.)

SKA vision

In every LBCU church to have Christocentric, active, multiplying and missional womens’ ministry.

SKA goals

·      To promote fellowship among Baptist women from different Baptist churches in Latvia and outside Latvia.

·      To help women grow in Christ by noticing, developing and using their spiritual gifts.

·      To activate women’s ministry in churches and outside churches.

·      To help women in various crisis situations.

·       To support and promote forming new units of young, active women who are engaged in ministry.

In order to implement these goals SKA

  • Organizes conferences, camps – SKA camp and camp for Children with special needs, Regional meetings, small group leaders’ training.
  • Women that serve on Association council visit churches and encourage women and participate in different events. They keep up personal contacts with Women’s ministry leaders in churches.  
  • Every year the first Monday of November is World Baptist Women’s Prayer day. We motivate and encourage all churches to participate. Every year there is a special theme and program (www.bwanet.org).
  • We organize different kinds of social help – soup kitchen, distribution of humanitarian aid, distribution of different kinds of material help for specific purposes, etc.
  • Four times a year SKS publishes magazine Marija un Marta with editor Tabita Runce.

SKA structure

SKA highest Leadership forum is SKS congress that is called by association council biannually. Association is led by leader and council that consists of 9 women from different churches in Latvia.

Women’s ministry association collaborates with European Baptist Women’s association (www.ebwu.org) and World Baptist women’s department (www.bwanet.org).

SKA leader
Solvita Zivere

Cell: +371 27757340
Email: solvita_ska@inbox.lv
Address: Lacplesa street 37,
Riga, LV-1011


Karina LiepiņaHead of Women’s Ministry Association+371 26106526Lāčplēša iela 37, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvija