Building the laundry room for people of town

Added: 28.06.2016

Building the laundry room 

By Ainazi Baptist church

Our congregation lies in a small border town Ainazi (next to Estonia). It is along the seashore, in Salacgriva region. There live approximately 1,5 thousand people. We are 15 people in our congregation, who gather in for service regularly.


Building the laundry room for people of town

There are no bathhouse nor laundry in Ainazi. We see the need to provide opportunity for people in the town (for elderly, socially disadvantage) to wash and do the laundry. While managing social care work, witness God’s presence and reach people in the town. Through our work we want to show locals God’s love.

Tasks, stages, steps that have to be taken in order to realize this project

1. To renovate 2 small rooms;

2. To buy at least 2 washing machines and dryers;

3. To attach these machines to the drainage and electricity network.

4. To plan realization time and to offer service.

Planned, desired time for implementing this project

End of June, July, August (summer).

Number of people on collaboration team what would be necessary for implementing this project

4-5 men who know how construction works.

Roles/tasks of collaboration partner team could be:

1. Ceiling, door insertion;

2. Plastering;

3. Adding electricity.

Expected budget for the project

The total cost: 4000EUR

Our congregation is planning to invest 1000 EUR.

Cost of necessary materials for the project

5 different doors- 1000EUR

Technology- 1000EUR

Plasterboard, plaster, tiles, profiles, lay in ceiling tiles, screws, colors, plumbing, electricity – 2000EUR

Other expected expenses

Provide washing products purchase, pay for water, electricity.

Contact information

K.Barona iela 6, 26199652, 26577231,

Juris Vasulis, Ilona Antonova, Guntars Antonovs.



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