Sound reinforcement and broadcasting of church services

Added: 28.06.2016

Sound reinforcement and broadcasting of church services

By Mazsalaca Baptist Church

Mazsalaca Baptist Church was established in 1931. Through the years it has always been active and noticeable in the neighborhood.  In 1939 it starts the construction of the church building. Year 1940 brings many changes, World War II leaves its mark as well, nevertheless the congregation continues to preach the gospel and furnish the church. The most difficult time was in the 1960-ties when the communist government tried to expropriate the church building. Pastor was deprived of the rights to preach and congregation members were emotionally humiliated in workplaces and schools. Church was greatly supported through prayers and correspondence by its founder Arnolds Ūsis (1910-1998), who was brought to Cleveland, Ohio by the upheaval of the war. In the 1990-ties circumstances change again and provide new opportunities - Sunday school activities, preaching outside the premises of the church, collaboration with Christians abroad. The number of Sunday school students grows, more room is needed and a project for extending the utility space of the church is started. The foundation stone is laid in 1993, the construction is carried out step by step and is nearing completion now.

Mazsalaca is a small town in the north of Latvia, 150 kilometers from capital city Rīga and 18 kilometers from the Estonian border. River Salaca is flowing through the town in a valley and adorning it. There are several natural and historical objects nearby, such as nature park of Skaņaiskalns (a sandstone cliff that produces a good echo), Valtenberģu manor and Lutheran church with a history that goes back to 13-th century. The town with its 1400 inhabitants is fairly compact, about 1000 more people live in its vicinity. As is characteristic for a small town in an area where most common activities are agriculture and services, inhabitants are fairly mobile and go to work in nearby cities such as Valmiera and Rīga. Many spend their free time and vacations in Mazsalaca. This is noticeable in the church too. The town is visited by many tourists, some of whom are also led to see the church by the road signs. The other nearest Baptist churches are about 50 kilometers away – in Valmiera, Limbaži, Ainaži and Kilingi-Nõmme in Estonia.

Mazsalaca Baptist Church has never been a big church, with its 40-50 members it can sustain itself financially but lacks means for development. As its main goals it has declared giving glory to God, study of Bible teachings, testimony, fellowship and service for the glory of God and blessings to ones neighbors. Several members of the congregation have gone to work abroad – in United Kingdom, Ireland. Some have found employment in Rīga, and the distance causes estrangement from the church. Some who live in nearby small centers of population (Staicele, Naukšēni) find it difficult to be present at church services each Sunday. Our vision to lessen the effect of distance on the ability of these several members of the church to participate in the collaboration with the church is to establish an on-line presence using video broadcasts and recordings on the Internet. By trying to record some events we have concluded that a good sound quality requires suitable audio equipment. The church has several skilled people who can ensure the use of the equipment in church services and its maintenance.


Sound reinforcement system

  • Project description – project consists of procurement and setup of sound input and amplification equipment. All sounds of speech or music should be transferred to sound recording or reproduction equipment without interfering noises.
  • Project goal – to create a good quality sound reinforcement system that would help to:
    • amplify softer sounds – children's performances, musical instruments;
    • transfer the sound for video broadcasting;
    • conduct open-air services in the church garden or neighborhood, which is not possible without sound amplification.
  • Project timing – there is no fixed schedule, it is possible to carry it out in several stages.
  • Project budget: 2549.50 EUR

By evaluating expert recommendations and comparing prices, we have chosen to use equipment on offer at the German on-line shop

Video broadcasting

  • Project description – project consists of procurement and setup of video capture and data processing equipment. Video would be captured with a camcorder, converted to a format usable by a computer with the help of a converter device and streamed to Youtube using 4G mobile data service, which is necessary because only ADSL with slow upload speed is offered by local Internet service provider. Open Broadcaster Software could be used for encoding and streaming video.
  • Project goal – to set up a system for broadcasting visuals and sound of church services and other events over Internet, both in live streaming mode and as recordings. Target audience of the project consists of members of church who live abroad or cannot attend church services in person for various reasons, such as illness or a business trip.
  • Project timing – there is no fixed schedule but it is not possible to carry it out in stages.
  • Project budget – cost items of the project are selected by knowledgeable people in the church based on technical parameters: 1908 EUR


Person responsible for the project is the chairman of the council, Aivis. Aivis is in the church since childhood, for 40 years; several generations of Martinsons family have been members of the Mazsalaca Baptist Church. He is a member of the church council since 1992, chairman of the council since 2014, has partially overseen the construction of the new annex of the church building, in addition to that is also an organist and leader of the church choir. His phone is +371 29 122 850, email address

Involvement of the congregation:

  • we would provide transport for the collaboration team from Rīga to Mazsalaca;
  • accommodations with conveniences in the church guest rooms, including food;
  • a tour of capital city Rīga, in order not to have to pay for hotel in Rīga this could be started from Mazsalaca;
  • excursions in Mazsalaca and its surroundings;
  • a celebration of completion of the project by the congregation and collaboration team together.

Address: Mazsalaca, Lielā iela 5, Latvia, LV-4215;

chairman of council: Aivis Martinsons - phone: +371 29 122 850, e-mail:;

web page:

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