LBCU initiative New church planting

New church planting is LBCU department whose goal is to promote and implement vision about new church planting in Latvia and to inform about developments in this area.

New church planting vision is to found 100 Christocentric, missional, multiplying churches.

Responsibilities of New church planting: 


To help and to encourage our church members to find out if they have been called to get involved in new church planting, and to offer resources that would help potential church planters to find out their calling.


To organize church planting training „M4” in entire country and different regions involving experienced church planters from Latvia and Europe. „M4” is a two year training program that helps church planting teams to implement their vision and goals that they have set. More about M4 here: (links uz BPI lapu par M4)


To provide mentoring for church planters that would help them mature as Christians and to become more effective new church planters and leaders.


To help new church planters to develop contacts and to get involved in church planting networks locally and globally.


To help church planters to understand their environment and culture they serve in as well as determine locations where new churches are necessary.


To provide training resources (programs, books, articles, web pages, seminar „M4”, church planting conferences), and to help church planters raise financial support.

Operational structure:

New church planting department is led by Bishop Assistant in New church planting. Each separate project is led by special team with experienced church planters from Latvia and Europe.

More about new church planting:

New church planting department leader
Kaspars Sterns
Cell: +371 26554780
Address: Lacplesa Street 37
Riga, LV1011


Kaspars Šterns Bishop, BPI director, EBF Mission and Evangelism +371 26554780Lāčplēša iela 37, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvija