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Added: 13.11.2016

Teenager camps in summer and in winter

By Church plant in Ropazi

About us

In the core of our church plant there are 3 families. For 6 years now we have been doing missional and evangelism work. Our core values are Bible, family and active lifestyle. Over the past few years our church has developed its main ministry directions, which you can see under the 5th question about our strategy.  

Ropaži is located about 30 km from Riga. In Ropaži district there are a few villages, for example, Tumšupe, Zaķumuiža, Silakrogs, etc. About 2000 people live in Ropaži, but all together in Ropaži district – about 7000. Most of the people travel to work in Riga. Although there are some who work in local schools, malls, municipality, nursing home or agriculture.

Church outreach/mission goals and strategy

Targer audience: New families with young children and teenagers
Aim: To build relationships with young families and to proclaim the Gospel through talks, camps and different events.
-    To organize Vacation Bible School for children ages 6 to 11.
-    To teach Christian doctrine in the local school
-    Organize floorball sports team for man ages 9 to 15.  
-    To organize a camp for teenagers
-    Organizing a Family celebration in Ropaži district
-    Giving social support to needy families.
-    Leading services and organizing Bible studies for the adults.

Teenager camps in summer and in winter

Description of project:

A lot of young teens spend their summer/winter holidays very uselessly, because their parents are at work and cannot spend time with them. We could invest in them, their spiritual growth, if they would be able to participate in these camps. And also it would give them a chance to spend their time actively and do interesting things.

Purpose of the project, planned outcomes:

1.    We could continue making relationships with the teens we already know. Giving them a chance to know more about a relationship with God.
2.    Deciple and teach them to be good new leaders.
3.    If we were able to make this project happen, it would be like a bridge to the parents of these teens.

Needed help

We would be happy if the collaboration team would consist of 4 to 6 people, who could lead sports activities and active tourism (archery, etc)

Planned, desired time for implementing this project

In summer the best would be July and in winter - it is December or January

Person(s) responsible for implementing the project
Ilvars Ieviņš, church planter, pastor,
Ketrina Ieviņa, leader of children ministry, camp organizer, leader,

Ropažu novads, Villasmuiža,  Jasmīni – 6, LV-2135
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