Renovation and Remodeling Rooms for Sunday School

Added: 22.02.2016

Renovation and Remodeling Rooms for Sunday School

By Limbazi Baptist church

Limbazi Baptist church is placed at the center of city Limbazi. In Limazi region lives around 18 000 people, from which around 8 000 lives in a city Limazi. Main employment areas at our region are food industry, farming, education, music, sports and others.  
The main goal and strategy of our church could be described as “Octopus”. It means that Limbazi church is committed to train leaders who will start and lead home groups, house churches at least at the eight places in a city and region around Limbazi.

The need

At the moment we don’t have the ministry for children, so our biggest need right now is Renovation and Remodeling Rooms for Sunday School.
This project is necessary for our church to effectively minister to children. Not having place for kids to gather is one of greatest needs in order to start Sunday school and other activities for kids in our church. In this way we will be able to start regular and effective ministry to kids.

Planned steps of carrying out this project:

  •  Tearing down/ renovating existing rooms
  •  To level and renovate floor
  •  Insulation
  •  Frame building
  •  Paining and other renovation jobs

Project time frame:

it could begin at May 2016 and finish at July 2016, or when the partnership team is ready to visit us.

To help out to carry this project from your side we need up to 3 people team.

Involvement in this project

would be practical help - manual labor and funding:

  •    Renovating/tearing down existing rooms
  •     To level and renovate floor
  •     Insulation
  •     Frame building
  •     Paining and other renovation jobs
  •     Funding up to EUR 4000

The total expenses of this project:

will be around EUR 5 000. We have funding for EUR 1000 and another EUR 4000 are still needed to complete this project. Any amount will be appreciated. This money will pay for construction materials to be used at the project.
All tools will be provided by our church people (thou partnering team might consider to take some of main tools).

Main responsible person for this project will be: Richard Greenberg,

By Limbazi Baptist Church
Address: Dzirnavu iela 4, Limbaži, LV-4001,

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