Publishing of Theological and Teaching material

Added: 06.12.2016

         Publishing of Theological and Teaching material


     1. There is a lack of theological literature and study materials in Latvian language. Right now, only devotional literature is available.
     2. Not everyone, especially middle age ministers, have mastered English at a level where they could work with theological literature in English.
     3. Baptist churches in Latvia have never worked out their theology; they have mainly been guided by tradition. Formulating opinion has become especially important when in Latvian and EU other cultures and immigrants of different religions are entering.
     4. Different groups of Christians are translating literature with views that are not acceptable to Baptists (health and wealth teaching, exorcism, general healing etc.)
     Under these conditions it is necessary for literature to be written by local authors that would be relevant to our cultural environment and would reflect understanding of our church in the past and present. But because of the small circulation and great costs to publish theological books in Latvia is not profitable and does not cover costs. Support is necessary. I have published several books with local help:

  •      New Testament Greek – Latvian dictionary:

  •      Dictionary of religious terms;

  •      “In That Night; Theological and Historical Aspects of Communion”, 260 pages  

  •      Compilation of articles “Heaven is Everywhere”, 352 pages.

  •      “In the Power of Spirit of Truth; Holy Spirit in teaching and praxis”, 267 pages

However, the possibility to receive support locally is limited

Essence of Project

1. Preparation and publishing of theological books.

In the near future, we plan to publish:   

 Collection of theological and historical articles;
 Biographical collection about a minister of Latvian Baptist church;
 Monograph Beatitudes etc.
2. Useful materials in the form of brochures (around 100 pages each) about specific topics: baptism in Latvia. Bible interpretation, NT parables etc.
     It is planned to publish one books and 2 brochures a year.
     In order to cover proofreading, layout and typography (not manuscript preparation) expenses, 3000-4000 USD a year is necessary.
Each book would mention the sponsor.

Target audience

     Pastors, theology students, church staff, other interested

Project length

     3 years


Professor Ilmars Hirss,, Th.D., pastor, professor
Director of LBCU Theological committee and continuing learning program for ministers
Contact information:
     tel. 00 371 2 9494698


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