Missionary Couple Helping to Reach Out New Families

Added: 18.02.2015

Missionary Couple Helping To Reach Out New Families

By Liepaja Zion Baptist Church

About us

We are relatively conservative Baptist church. The majority of us are seniors, we do have youth, but there are not a lot of middle-aged people. There is a strong inner solidarity among the church, but we do look for chances to serve outwardly. The church is praying for the pastor’s ministry and the poor, as well as supports a missionary in Sweden. There is a soup kitchen running, and our youth gladly takes part in various projects and serves from the heart.
 We are located in one of the biggest SW cities in Latvia, at the seaside. There are around 70,000 inhabitants, but the number is decreasing rapidly since our industrial leader “Liepaja Metallurgist” recently went bankrupt. The church can be found in the heart of a rather poor area of the city, not for from the city center. Most of the neighborhood population is Russian.

The Need - Reaching The New Families

At the moment, we desire to reach new families, because there are not a lot of them in the church. Our dream is to see new families involved in the church, baptism, church renewal.

For realizing this project we need

A missionary family or a missionary that can devote their time for encouraging families, spiritual support, teaching, showing care. Building relationships with the new and future families of the church and through them building relationships with families that don’t know Jesus Christ. Being hospitable and involving the families in the church life. By cooperating with the church pastor - forming the home group(s). Joint camps or weekends, church events for the families.

Planned, desired time for realizing the project

Depends on the options. We are ready to start at any moment.

Person(s) from our church responsible -
Pastor Andris Bite, a.bite@inbox.lv

Liepāja Zion Baptist Church
Liepāja, 62 Lāčplēša Street, LV3401; phone:+37128452452; www.ciana.lv

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