Mission Events

Added: 24.02.2016

Missional Events

By Ogre Trinity baptist church

Ogre Trinity Baptist Church (OTBD) will celibrate their 50th anniversary in 2016. Since 1985 congregation has grown from 15 to 180 people. 85% from church members are the first generation christians. Sunday service attendance is aproximately 100 people. Our church is planting the new churches in the nearby towns – Rembate and Lielvarde. The church is active in social work through charity shop, humanitarian aid, help for homeless people and low-income families. Also Sunday school, teen and youth ministry, music ministry are quite active in the church.
The Church's mission is to “to be a Christ’s disciple and make others Christ’s disciples in the family, church and everyday life”. In order to fulfil our mission we understand that we need to lead the church members deeper in closer relationships with God and help non-church people to find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. To do it more effectively there are the projects in near future we hope God will help to realize.

Missional events

To reach people and connect with them is important to organize different mission projects. For example, open air neighborhood picnics, Bible day camps for kids, sport events for kids, camp for men and women. Church is trying to reach people in three towns – Ogre, Rembate and Lielvarde. In each town there are possibilities to organize missional events and outreach. For example, in Rembate we are renovating facilities for church meetings and Bible studies. Any practical help would be needed.  
In our experience, these events gets extra attraction in Latvia if its organized together with Christians from other culture, for example, Americans. Latvian post Soviet Union culture has left people with low self confidience thats why encouragment is very needed. We believe that relationships through these projects with American Christians would change many lives through the experiencing the culture of encourgament common in the American churches.

Contact person

pastor Dainis Pandars, dainis.pandars@gmail.com

Ogre Trinity Baptist Church



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