Developing the Teenager and Youth ministry

Added: 28.11.2016

Developing the Teenager and Youth ministry

By Valmiera Baptist Church

Valmiera Baptist Church is located in the city Valmiera which is a regional center of Northern Latvia. Therefore the church is relatively large - it has around 80 active members who are regular attendants of Sunday service and involved in other kinds of ministry. The most active ministry areas of the church include Sunday school, youth work, small groups, music/ worship, practical ministry (kitchen), outreach. Even though the church in Valmiera has been around for a long time, it does not own a church building, the meetings and other activities take place in a rented hall. The church has a rather large community of young people, and a growing number of young families, Sunday service is attended also by a large number of children.

The church is located in the city of Valmiera with the population of around 25 000 inhabitants. It is an industrial city in the North of Latvia, 100 km from the capital Riga. The city Valmiera is a regional center with a strong industrial/ business focus which ensures that the city is developing and becoming more and more attractive living place. The city provides also a wide variety of culture, sports activities, recreation, education options. The vast majority of population is working in the private sector (industry, factories, services), but of course there is a large working possibilities within education field (schools, university), health (largest hospital in region), municipality, regional points of various governmental institutions etc. The population is very mono-cultural – the most inhabitants are Latvian-speaking (the situation is different in the capital and some other regions). The city hosts most of the Christian churches that are present in Latvia – Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecost, Adventist and also another Baptist church, as well as some free church groups. The Christian churches are quite active in the city.

Church outreach/mission goals and strategy

The main church mission goal is to bring the gospel to people that do not know Christ, helping them to change their lives. The church does not have a single strategy for its mission, but the activities within various ministries include – events and camps (camps for youth, basketball and English camps for children); outreach on the streets (handing out bread, street evangelism), children ministry (summer Bible school, children events).


Developing the Teenager and Youth ministry

There is a growing number of teenagers and young people in our church, therefore, it is of essential importance to develop a teenager/youth ministry in the church. Thus, it will be possible to minister specifically to teenagers/young people and to take care of this particular age group.

The goal of the project is to develop the teenager/youth ministry in the church, to help this particular age group build strong relationship with God, grow in their Christian faith and share it with others through various purposeful activities such as Bible studies, praise and worship services, fellowship, sport activities, camps, etc. There are already some activities for teenagers/young people, however, in order to achieve the above, there is a need of a teenager/youth minister and his financial support. Currently the church cannot employ another full time minister; therefore we would like to use the possibility to attract financial help through this project specifically for supporting financially the teenager/youth minister.

Tasks, stages, steps that have to be taken in order to realize this project

1) To choose prayerfully a youth/teenager minister.

2) To ensure financial support for the teenager/youth minister.

3) To develop a proper discipleship and activity program.

4) To carry it out.

Planned, desired time for implementing this project

The possible beginning date of the project is autumn 2016. Preferable time for financial support is at least 1 year (preferably 2 years).

Roles/tasks of collaboration partner team

During the project implementation, the collaboration team/ visitors might visit the church and town to get to know the teenager/youth minister and the involved people, to participate in their activities.  The size of the team is not so important, but optimally – 3 – 4 people. We would gladly welcome them in case there might be a person (persons) from the collaboration team who would like to get involved in the activities of teenager/youth ministry (longer term).

The roles of the collaboration partner team might include the spiritual support to the teenager/youth minister, practical participation in the teenager/youth ministry, various activities.

Expected budget for the project

Total costs: EUR 7000 per year


Financial support for the teenager/youth minister provided by the church: EUR 1000 per year

Financial support for the teenager/youth minister needed: EUR 6000 per year.

Person(s) responsible for implementing the project from your church

Pastor Lauris Tartars, phone: 26742455, email: tartare@inbox.l

Address: Veides Street 2, Valmiera; phone 26413712; email:; web:



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